Are Chemicals Bad for your Skin?

Hey Everyone!

Clean beauty has really changed the beauty industry within the last few years. However, let's not mix up clean beauty and chemicals. 

To begin, let's freshen up on what "clean beauty" really means. 

Clean Beauty means using ingredients that are considered non-toxic. The FDA currently only bans 11 ingredients from the beauty industry as compared to the European Union banning 1,328 ingredients. This leaves companies the choice to use not the best ingredients in their products and consumers to do their own research. Clean beauty essentially means using better for you and safer ingredients when possible. 

Throughout this movement, some brands have made claims that "natural" ingredients and "organic" ingredients are better for you and are a part of "clean beauty." People are beginning to promote that all chemicals are bad for you and your skin! However, water is considered a chemical and is crucial for life and for your skin! There are also natural ingredients that are bad for you such as mercury and lead!

In the end, remember that it is important to stay informed. All-natural doesn't mean that it is better for you and chemicals aren't all bad. In fact, sometimes the chemicals are better for you than the natural alternatives! EWG is a great website you search up any ingredient to check whether or not the ingredient is considered safe.

At Purpose & Beauty, we will always do our research and research every ingredient before adding it to our products. We will continue to provide transparency within our products to maintain trust with our customers so you don't have to google every ingredient to see what each ingredient is. We will do that part for you. 

Stay safe everyone!


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