UPDATE: 4/5/2020

The CDC now recommends everyone to be wearing a cloth covering. Read more about it here: CDC Recommends Cloth Coverings

We are also offering free USPS FIRST CLASS SHIPPING on all orders over $25! Shipping should take approximately 1-3 business days. Delays may occur. 

We will also be offering cotton sheet masks for purchase individually. These are locally made in Los Angeles. 

*We will not be accepting any returns during this time*


In light of our current situation and practicing social distancing we hope that everyone has been well. We are grateful to still be able to operate and run Purpose & Beauty during this time. We want to ensure everyone that we are continuously practicing good sanitation practices. 

During lockdown, we are offering free shipping on all sheet masks and 15% off with the code "15off"

Although being for the most of us, being quarantined at home is not the most fun, there are ways to ensure that we are still mentally and physically healthy. 

Here are few fun ideas to practice good self care during this time:

Take a bath: Baths are known to help you reduce the amount of anxiety and help you relax while almost getting you nice and cleaned!

Have a spa day: Our busy lives can sometimes make it so hard to set a little bit of “me” time! Set yourself a mini spa day and throw on a face mask and relax! 

Do an at-home workout: Thanks to the internet, it is now so easy to access many free workout videos that promote at-home workouts with no equipment! If you don’t know where to begin, simply go onto youtube.com and search “workouts with no equipment.” You will have so many options to choose from!

Learn something new: It’s always good to keep learning no matter how old you are. Sometimes we simply do not have the time to learn something new or interesting, however, now is a great time! Pick a new topic you have been unfamiliar yet curious about and read all about it! 

Find a new hobby: This is a great time to get creative and find a new hobby. You can learn how to paint, draw, do puzzles, sudokus, knit, make jewelry, do science experiments, etc. There are endless possibilities!

Get fresh air: This might sound odd, however, you can totally go on walks and in your backyard and neighborhood! The goal is to social distance yourself, which means if there is not a crowd around you, then you are free to go out and get some fresh air! 

Whatever you plan on doing, remember that social distancing will slow down the infection rates. Most of us will experience mild to no symptoms and will recover with no issues. However, slowing down the infection rates will allow our healthcare providers to have enough resources to provide support to those who will need extra support. As long as we have enough supplies, beds, and staff members to assist everyone who needs the extra support, our recovery rates will maintain high. Below is a great informative video on why social distancing is important.

Please make sure that you are washing your hands with soap! Below explains how soap kills the coronavirus and viruses in general.Remember to stay informed and to follow the guidelines only from the CDC and the WHO. 

Stay healthy and take care.

Purpose & Beauty

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