Skincare Routine: What goes first!

There are so many skincare products nowadays that it can be quite difficult to figure out which product to use first! A good rule of thumb is to apply from lightest to thickest. Now let's do a run-through of what a morning routine and nighttime routine can potentially look like. 


1) Cleanser

I love having a clean base for my skin so I always start my mornings with a gentle facial cleanser! I will typically use my time in the shower to wash my face. 

2) Toner/Essence/Hydrating Mist 

Since toners and essences have the same consistency, I put them together as step 2. There is a difference between a toner and an essence. Toners strip the skin by removing dirt and bacteria while an essence gives back to the skin. I like to use both (toner first, then an essence). Some people are good with just using a toner, others skip toner and move right into an essence.

3) Serums

Serums are great because they are lightweight and are filled with hydrating ingredients and antioxidants!

4) Eye Cream 

Gently pat eye cream using your ring finger! I love eye cream because it wakes up my eyes and leaves me feeling refreshed.

5) Spot Treatments

If you are dealing with acne or any problematic skin issues, this is the step where you do your spot treatments and target your skin issues with specific ingredients. I generally do not use any spot treatments during the day due to the fact that some ingredients might make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

6) Moisturizer 

Your everyday moisturizer should be applied all over your face after the spot treatments.

7) Face Oil 

If you are able to use a face oil twice a day, then put it on AFTER your moisturizer so it can help lock in the moisture. For me, wearing a face oil during the day can be too much since I naturally have pretty oily skin. I skip this step during the day and only put on a face oil at night. 

8) Sunscreen

This is an absolute must! Even when I am feeling super lazy, I always make sure to put on my sunscreen! I recommend wearing at least SPF 30. Don't skip out on this step! UV rays will harm your skin more than you can ever try and recover. 

9) Makeup

If you do wear makeup, this is when you apply it. Makeup should always be the last thing you apply. 


1) Makeup Remover

If I wore makeup during the day, then the first thing I do is remove my makeup using a makeup remover. I like using makeup wipes as a quick way to wipe off the top layers of my makeup. It's worth calling out herewipes are not the most effective way to remove makeup so you MUST wash your face afterward. You can also use any other makeup removing cleanser!

2) Cleanser

Next, I use a gentle cleanser and make sure I get the remaining makeup off my face. I generally use the same cleanser that I used in the morning.

3) Exfoliate/Clay Masks

Since people generally do not exfoliate every night or wear a face mask every night, I put these two together as step 3.

I generally have really oily skin in my T-zone, so I personally exfoliate almost every night. I like using a gentle physical exfoliator however, you can use a chemical exfoliator as well. Most people don't need to exfoliate daily and are good with exfoliating 2-3x a week.

This step is also the best step to treat yourself with a clay mask since you have a nice clean base. Some people will exfoliate and then put on a clay mask, others go straight into a mask, and for most, it generally depends on the night and what you feel like doing! Always try to do what is best for your skin though.

4) Toner/Essence/Hydrating Mist

I like to use both a toner and an essence, so I will use cotton pads to clean my face again with a toner then pat in my essence with the palm of my hands. 

5) Serums/Sheet masks

At night, I love using a hydrating serum with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, usually, I'll just use the same serum I used during the day! Some nights I like to treat myself to a sheet mask! This helps bring back all the hydration I've lost throughout the day!

6) Eye Creams

Gently pat in your eye cream underneath your eyes the same as you did in the morning. I usually just use the same eye cream that I used during the day. 

7) Spot treatments

During the day, I rarely use any spot treatments, however, at night I make sure I look for any whiteheads or acne and treat them right away so the active ingredients can get to work while I'm asleep. 

8) Moisturizer

At night, I like using a thicker moisturizer than the one I used during the day. Our face produces less sebum while were asleep, so it's important to really moisturize our skin at night.

9) Face oil 

Put on your favorite facial oil at night to lock in all the moisture while you're asleep!

I'm not going to lie and say I do ALL of these steps EVERY SINGLE DAY. Some days when I'm in a hurry I'll do the bare essentials such as cleansing and sunscreen. Other days I don't feel the need for extra moisturizing so I skip out on the facial oils. I generally just do what I feel like my skin needs the most.   

There it is! A complete guide of what to use first for skincare! If you currently don't do all of these steps, just skip the ones you don't do and move onto the next one! If you have all these items and have always wondered about what order should you be applying your products, I hope this clarifies everything for you!

All the best,


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