The Correct Way to use a Clay Mask!

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If not the most popular face mask, clay masks have been used for centuries. Clay masks are used to help absorb excess oil and shine. By doing so, this helps exfoliate the skin by drawing out the impurities. However, it is important to note that some clay masks can be extremely drying which can cause your skin to overproduce oils to compensate.

You can purchase your clay in either a wet form or a dry form

A wet formula already has water added into the clay and is mixed well together. However, the wet formula requires a ton of preservatives in order to not go bad. Therefore,  if you have sensitive skin, make sure to read all the ingredients since most wet formulas will require multiple preservatives and high levels of ingredients such as alcohol that can be highly drying for most people. 

A dry formula is when the clay is still in its dry form and can be mixed with other dry ingredients. The dry formula requires you to mix the dry clay mix with a liquid such as water to create a wet mask. This allows or you to use a fresh mask every time. You can also customize a clay mask by adding ingredients such as oils that you know and trust and the consistency of the clay by adding more or fewer liquid. 

*When working with clay, you must not use any metal spoons, mixers, or bowls. The reason for this is because when the clay is wet, the metals in the clay have a negative charge which would make it pick up on other metal. This would cause the clay to be less effective once applied onto your skin.*

How to use:

1) Start with a fresh clean face.

2) Have your wet clay prepared using nonmetal tools. 

3) Apply evenly over your skin. Avoid the eye and mouth area. 

*Pro Tip* You can just apply it on areas that you think need the clay for example just your t-zone as opposed to your entire face. 

4) Generally, wait around 10-15 minutes for the clay mask to start drying up, the waiting time depends on the formula, however, it is best to wash it off before it completely dries up! This way, your skin won't be too dried up from the mask. This is especially important for those with dry and sensitive skin. 

5) Dry your skin and follow up with a serum and moisturizer. 

And that is it! Depending on your skin type, your skin might be able to handle a clay mask more frequently such as a few times a week to maybe only once a week!

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