The Truth about Facial Wipes

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Facial makeup removing wipes have been quite popular for some time. I am not going to deny my own love for makeup wipes as well. It just makes it so easy to clean your face and take off your makeup. However, something that I always make sure to do is to follow up with a cleanser! 

The truth is, makeup wipes are not sufficient enough to clean your face entirely even if it says "does not need to rinse" on the packaging! Do not buy into that. No matter what brand it is, you ALWAYS need to properly cleanse your face afterward if you want your pores to be nice and clean. 

Makeup wipes will remove some of your makeup, but it also shifts around remaining makeup, dead skin, dirt, oil, and bacteria into your pores causing your skin to become irritated. Makeup wipes also contain the same ingredients as most makeup removers such as surfactants, which helps dissolve the makeup and solublizers and emulsifiers which helps lifts the makeup, dirt, and dead skin. These ingredients are extremely effective but when you use a wipe and leave these ingredients on your skin overnight, the high concentration of these ingredients can cause irritation and dry out your skin.

To Sum It Up:

While makeup wipes are helpful and convenient, using makeup wipes alone will cause two problems:

1) Remaining makeup, dead skin, dirt, oil, and bacteria are still left in pores.

2) A high concentration of active ingredients left behind from wipes causing irritation and dry skin. 

To combat these two problems, just properly rinse your face after using a wipe! If you would rather do just do ONE STEP, you should just rinse your face with a proper face wash+water and skip the wipes altogether! 

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