The Truth about Make up with SPF

Hi Everyone!

Ever checked to see if your foundation and other makeup products contain SPF? Generally speaking, whenever I am purchasing a CC cream or BB cream I do check to make sure it does contain some sort of SPF so I can wear it on days I know I am going to be out in the sun a lot but still want to wear makeup. The caveat? SPF in makeup doesn't give you the coverage that you are expecting! Even if it says "SPF 50" and broad-spectrum, you aren't actually getting that high of a coverage! 

The truth is, you will actually need to wear 7 times the normal amount of foundation and 14 times the amount of powder generally used in order to get to the amount of coverage the bottle claims. This means you will have to slather yourself with a ton of makeup before any protection occurs. 

So should we just forget about makeup with SPF? Of course not! Some protection is better than none. I think it is great that a lot of makeup products contain SPF, however, it DOES NOT replace sunscreen. Always make sure you apply a nickel-size amount or half a teaspoon of sunscreen for your entire face. 

What I personally do? After I finish applying sunscreen to my face, neck, and chest, I will then proceed to apply my foundation+SPF on top of the sunscreen. I like to work carefully on top of my sunscreen so that I don't move any of it around. 

A friendly reminder to NEVER skip out on sunscreen even if your foundation contains SPF! 

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