Why We Came Out with Sheet Masks

Hi Everyone!

So the sheet masks are finally out and are the first official product of Purpose & Beauty! 

As a new brand, we wanted to come out with something that everyone can use and every skin type can use. We wanted it to have safe and clean ingredients while also making a difference in the skin immediately after one use! Which is why we came out with our Rose Gold Cotton Sheet Masks! It is extremely hydrating and helps reduce the appearance of redness and skin inflammation. It is made paraben-free and sulfate-free.

When you don't have the time to get an expensive facial at the spa, a sheet mask is an easy quick substitute. Each sheet masks do have different levels of effectiveness based on the ingredients used to make the sheet mask as well as the material used to create the sheet mask itself. Some brands use materials such as rayon or tencel which are materials that are more affordable to use than 100% cotton, however, not as effective at helping the skin absorb the serum. 

Not convinced? Here are a few celebrities that are on board with sheet marks! 

Kourtnery Kardashian wearing a sheet mask

Kourtney Kardashian//Source: Instagram

Drew Barrymore wearing sheet mask

Drew Barrymore//Source: Instagram

John Stamos wearing a sheet mask

John Stamos//Source: Instagram

Katy Perry wearing a sheet mask

Katy Perry//Source: Instagram

Kate Upton wearing a sheet mask 

Kate Upton//Source: Instagram

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